You can never be too prepared as a dog walker, having to consider weather, location, travel and pet safety just to name a few things we have to consider.

To ensure your dog has a fun and safe walk with Lou’s Dog Services we keep our bag packed with all of the essentials.

Waste bags

Most dog walkers will relate when we say we have these in every pocket, coat, draw and compartment in our van! We always have waste bags on hand to clean up after your dog and help keep our community sanitary.


We love to reward our doggies for good behaviour with tasty treats, they also help to get the dogs attention when we want a group photo! We keep our treats low fat and hypoallergenic so everyone can enjoy then.

Spare lead

We always keep a spare lead in our dog walking bag in case of an emergency. It is important to use the correct lead for your dog depending on the breed, size and temperament. We also like to use a lead belt at times to keep our hands free for important things such as picking up after the dogs, dishing out treats or taking photos!


We carry this in case of emergencies. We like to prepare for any situation that may arise.


We like to bring a small selection of toys on our walks for your dog to choose from. We find the classic tennis ball is the most popular, you can’t beat a game of fetch!

Water bottle and fresh water

Water is vital for dog walks! We make sure your dog is properly hydrated when out and about.

First aid kit

We are prepared for any emergency that may arise. Your dog is in safe hands with Lou’s Dog Services as we are fully certified in Canine First Aid.


We use our phone to update our Facebook, Instagram, send lots of photo’s to our customers and update them after walks. We also track our walks so we can see how far your pooch has explored every day.

With all this in mind, you can rest assured your best friend will have a great time with Lou’s Dog Services. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you!