Here at Lou’s Dog Services we are ready to step into 2020 and help make a difference – our aim is to become an environmentally friendly dog walker! As dog walkers we have a responsibility to not only to look after our lovely doggy customers but also look after the environment around us. Below are a few changes we are making to contribute towards our local area and the planet.

Biodegradable poo bags

The first big change we are making is to the items we use most every day. In one day, we can use more than 20 poo bags – that’s 7,300 a year! Traditional poo bags are made from plastic; however, our new poo bags are made with a renewable corn starch blend which are biodegradable and decomposable. All of the packaging, including the roll cores, are completely recyclable. The company we have used are called Greener Walker and can be found on Amazon.

Bulk buy treats

We will continue to bulk-buy our treats instead of buying little and often. This helps cut down on unnecessary plastic and cardboard.

Litter picking

This year we are dedicating our time to volunteer litter picking. We will be choosing popular North Tyneside dog walking areas and collecting rubbish which will then be recycled when possible. Not only is litter unsightly but it also poses danger to animals that may ingest it.

Charity work

Along with the local animal charities we frequently support, this year we plan to raise money and awareness for LBGTQ+, mental health and homeless charities. We will be taking part in sponsored events and donating towards some fantastic causes.

Supporting and promoting local businesses

We will continue to support local and small businesses this year for our dog walking equipment needs. If you own a local business or charity and would like to get in touch with regards to partnership please contact us on