Puppy socialisation is very important for your new fury friend. By mixing with different dogs and people your puppy will learn vital social skills, experience new sights and smells and become less afraid of the unknown.

Most puppies are naturally fearless and will instinctively play and wrestle with other dogs, no matter the shape or size. However, some can be more cautious or anxious when faced with a stranger. It is important to allow your puppy to feel safe around dogs and humans and see these interactions as a positive experience. By letting your puppy explore the world around them they will grow up to become happy, content and confident dogs.

As soon as your puppy has settled into your home you should allow them to meet new people. The early weeks are a great time to introduce new people because most puppies will interact willingly and eagerly.

By the time your puppy reaches 12 weeks of age, anything not yet encountered is more likely to make them a little uneasy. You should aim to place them in as many different common situations as possible before the 12 week mark. For example, you can introduce your puppy to people such as your immediate family, close friends, the postman and your local dog friendly café.

If you know you will need a dog walker in the future it is a great idea to introduce them to your puppy as soon as possible. At Lou’s Dog Services we offer 20 minute puppy drop in sessions that allow us to check in on your pooch when you are out of the house, clean up any messes, fill food and water bowls if necessary and take time to play and bond with them.

Once your dog has been fully vaccinated you can start to introduce them to other puppies and dogs. It is important to introduce them to a good mix of breeds to ensure they are not frightened by any dogs upon approach in the future.

A puppy will learn to interact correctly with well-socialised adult dogs by spending one to one time with them. They will learn essential skills such as correct manners and how to communicate successfully. Most adult dogs will tell a puppy off if they are too exuberant; you must allow this to happen in a safe manner. If your puppy is not told off by another dog when playing too rough then they can continue to do this into their adulthood and cause a serious accident. If you notice whilst monitoring your puppies playing that they become too boisterous then distract your dog and praise them for paying attention to you instead.

One easy way to let your puppy spend time with other dogs is to take them to day care centres. At day care they can spend hours playing and mixing with other dogs. Large day care groups or centres can be overwhelming to puppies, especially if shy or nervous. This is why at Lou’s Dog Services we have a maximum of 5 dogs at our social events and doggy day care so we can monitor your dog’s behaviour and allow them to play in a smaller, safe and supervised area.

Once your puppy has settled in and had their full vaccinations they can join us at our small four hour day care sessions or they can join us on group walks. Get in touch with Lou’s Dog Services to see how we can help!