July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day. This might be a topic that hasn’t crossed your mind as a pet owner but we have listed below some tips to help avoid an accident and what steps to take during a fire emergency to keep your animals safe.

Take special care when lighting candles around your home. Open flames must always be supervised and out of reach of your pet. It is common for cats or dogs to accidentally knock candles over when left in the house alone. You can always opt for battery operated, flameless candles if you have a particularly curious pet.

If possible, remove knobs from gas hobs when not in use. There has been unfortunate cases of animals turning gas on leading to accidents within the home. A lot of modern ovens allow you to choose a child safety lock so accidents are less likely to happen.

Turn any electric devices off when leaving your pet at home alone. This will reduce the chance of an accident occurring. Also make sure to check the wiring of your electronics regularly, especially if you have a pet that loves to chew such as a puppy or rabbit.

Have a plan! Discuss with your family members what they should do if a fire breaks out. Make sure everyone is aware of the nearest fire escape and what products you many have in the house that could help. For example a fire extinguisher or fire blanket.

Make sure you have your pets lead or carrier close to your front or back door in case of an emergency exit. Inform firefighters if your pet is in danger and you are unable to get them out of the house yourself.

Make sure your pets ID tag and microchip is up to date and registered to the correct address in case they escape on their own during a fire. Click here to read our microchip and ID tag awareness blog.

Please stay safe and use the hashtag #PetFireSafetyDay on social media to help spread awareness to friends and family.

Here at Lou’s Dog Services your dog’s health and safety is our number one priority. We will always make sure that these steps are put into place when your pet is staying on our premises. We are fully certified in canine first aid and our premises has been fully approved and licensed by North Tyneside Council.

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