The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray! Although us humans rejoice at the sight of the sun, our dogs can get easily over heated and seriously unwell if precautions are not put in place to keep your dog cool.


As dogs do not sweat in the same way humans do, they must regulate their temperature by using respiratory methods such as panting.

Some dogs are more prone to overheating than others. Brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs and Pugs have a harder time regulating their temperature due to their shorter nasal passages. Dogs with thick or dark coats such as German Shepard’s and Huskies will also get hotter quicker than other breeds.

Overheating can become a very serious problem if not dealt with straight away. If you spot any signs of overheating in your dog then please act immediately.

The common signs of overheating are; heavy panting, glazed eyes, blue, bright red or very pale gums, vomiting, staggering and stumbling, excessive drooling, elevated body temperature, unconsciousness and/or seizures.

If your dog is showing signs of overheating then you should take the following steps;

Place cool, wet towels over your dog’s neck, under their armpits, and between back hind legs. You can also wet their ears and paw pads with cool water.

Try to encourage your dog to drink fresh water, do not force water down their mouth as it may suck into their lungs. Instead wet their tongue.

You then need to transport your dog safely to your vet or an emergency vets if your regular is unavailable.

Leaving your dog in the car

Don’t do it! It is as simple as that. Dogs will overheat in cars during a warm day extremely quickly and it can cause seizures and a very excruciating and unnecessary death.

If you see a dog suffering from signs of overheating in a vehicle when left alone then you can take the below steps:

Call the police straightaway.

Make note of the car’s colour, make and registration plate number and take photos or video footage of the dog.

If you cannot find the owner and the dog’s life appears to be in immediate danger, find a someone who will be your witness as you take the steps necessary to remove the dog from the car.

Use the steps described above to attempt to cool the dog down and wait for the authorities to arrive.

Tips and tricks to keep your dog cool

There are many fun and tasty ways for your dog to cool down this summer. Below are my top 5 tips, both store bought and DIY. Try them out with your fury friend today!

It sounds obvious but water is the easiest way to keep your pooch hydrated and well. There are so many ways for your dog to enjoy water, such as, filling up a paddling pool, swimming, sprinklers, spray bottles, hoses, water pistols and making a tray of ice cubes with treats inside. Make sure that fresh water is available for your dog on walks, in the car and in the house.

Treat your pooch to dog friendly water infused foods such as watermelon, apple, chicken stock ice cubes, chilled carrot or fat free natural yogurt or peanut butter in a frozen Kong. Remember all treats are to be given in moderation as to not upset your dog’s stomach.

Cooling products.
There are a huge variety of different animal cooling products available in your local home and pet stores. These include cooling collars, harnesses, blankets, beds and even cooling toys!

When walking your dog opt to walk early on in the day or later on in the afternoon when it is cooler. Try to walk in the shade when possible and do not allow your dog to over exercise by running or playing too much. If the pavement is too hot for you to walk on barefoot then it is also too hot for your dog! Take time aside for rest and water breaks.

Make your home comfortable for your dog.
If you need to leave your pet at home then make sure that there is plenty of shaded areas they can lie in, you can even move your dogs bed into the shade to encourage this. You could leave a window open on the security lock so fresh air can flow through. Leave fresh water, frozen treats and cooling toys for your dog to entertain himself with. For extra piece of mind you can contact Lou’s Dog Services to arrange a 20 minute drop in throughout the day so your dog can be let outside to use the bathroom, fill up any food and water and check up on your pooch when you can’t.

By following these steps we always ensure that your dog can enjoy a fabulous summer together and make the most of the sun while it is here – get in touch today to find out how your dog can enjoy the sun with us!