Solo Dog Walk

Solo Dog Walk across North Tyneside and surrounding areas.

A one hour solo dog walk will take place near your dogs current location, making sure they enjoy a long walk in a familiar area with minimal distractions. They will be taken to a nearby quiet area such as a park or a nature reserve where they can enjoy a peaceful one-to-one walk. 

£15 p/hr

Recommended for nervous and un-neutered dogs, or dogs that need a lot of attention.


Some of the Benefits of a Solo Dog Walk…

One-to-one with a handler

During a Solo Dog Walk, your dog will benefit from the full attention of an expert handler. This will assure that they will enjoy a relaxed walk without the hustle and bustle of a group.

Tailored to the Individual

Solo Dog Walks are popular with nervous, elderly and un-neutered dogs. This is because the whole walk can be tailored to your pets needs and requirements, meaning no stress or strain for your pooch, who can enjoy the walk from start to finish.

Accessible to All

Here at Lou’s Dog Services all breeds are welcome! We will do everything we can to make your pooch feel comfortable and loved by their handler. All dogs deserve fun and stimulating walks.

Solo Dog Walk FAQs

  • Where will a solo dog walk take place?

    A Solo Dog Walk will take place at a safe but enjoyable location near to the pets home. These locations can vary from local parks to the nearest beach.

  • What kind of dogs is a Solo Dog Walk recommended for?

    A Solo Dog Walk is recommended for nervous and un-neutered dogs, or dogs that need a lot of attention. This will allow them one-to-one handler time in an hour-long session near their home.

  • Can I block book a solo dog walk?

    Yes! Please contact us to discuss block booking your dog’s walks in advance.

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