Group Dog Walk

Group Dog Walking across North Tyneside and surrounding areas.

A one hour group dog walk with up to four other friendly and sociable dogs. These walks take place at local parks, beaches, nature reserves and country parks. When you book onto a group dog walk, will meet and assess your dog before the walk to make sure we get the right group for them.

£10 p/hr

Recommended for sociable, friendly and adventurous dogs.


Some of the Benefits of a Group Dog Walk…


Dogs are incredibly attentive, sensitive and love to communicate. It is important to set your dog up for success, and encourage them experience new things. Socialisation enhances your dogs life and helps them become a more confident, well behaved dog.

Experience New Surroundings

New sights, sounds and smells are crucial in developing a dog’s ability to handle new situations. It desensitises them to noise and distraction and helps them stay calm in crowded streets, or with other dogs. Dogs of all age love to explore.

Natural Pack Behaviour

Instinctively dogs would roam in packs in the wild, so allowing them to revert to this behaviour in a group walk is something they will love. Your dog is a social creature and naturally prefers being part of a group which is why they are such loyal companions.

Group Dog Walk FAQs

  • What kind of dogs will be on the group dog walk?

    When you book onto a group dog walk, we will organise to come and meet you and your dog to assess which of our dog groups that they will fit in best with. This means that they will be socialised with similar personalities and are guaranteed to have a great time. All dogs will need to be fully vaccinated and an initial trial solo walk may have to be conducted before joining a group walk.

  • What age does a dog have to be to take part?

    While its always best to allow your dog to socialise from an early age, it is vet recommended that they wait until they are at least 6 months old, to allow for strong bone development. We will always assess your puppy or dog to make sure that they get included in the right group for them, with dogs of similar size, energy and personality.

  • Where will the group dog walk take place?

    A group dog walk will take place at a local nature reserve, park, beach or dog friendly outdoor space. This means that your dog will get to experience a new and safe environment, allowing them to enjoy some natural pack behaviour of explore their surroundings.

  • Does the transportation time take away from the walk time?

    Absolutely not. Rest assured that the 1 hour dog walk will begin from the moment arrive at our destination until the moment we get set to head home, meaning your dog gets the full 1 hour walk that you have booked.

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